Postage stamps - Swiss Stamps to use ! 
Franking stamps - Use Stamps for Letters - A real Enjoyment for the Receipient!

We also sell Postage stamps from Switzerland (so-called "Frankaturware / Frankaturmarken" of collection and speculation item - resolution). This makes your Post Mail more attractive, and prepares the recipient more fun. Did you know, that franked Postage Mail is opened by over 90% of the recipients!

Currently among other things the following packages for franking
are available (also see Internet-Shop Offers):

a) use nice stamps

Stamps with Rubber (2 single values), 15% discount on face value!

Order Id. Description Extent (Package) Net Price in CHF
CHF-0085.2 B-Mail up to 100 Grams 100 x 0.85 =   85.00 72.25
CHF-0100.2 A-Mail up to 100 Grams 100 x 1.00 = 100.00 85.00
CHF-0100.MIN *) A-Post up to 100 Grams 25 x 1.00 = 25.00 21.25

All packages usually consist single stamps sorted by face values (two or more face value levels) with different motifs. All stamps are rubbered (gummed) and are valid at the Swiss Post for Postage for unlimited time. For other value levels or quantities please ask if available for delivery and price conditions. New Customers in our Shop receive a free sponge to moisten the stamps. For a variety of your Postage Mail. *) New in our Sortiment: Suitable for Home use.

b) fast and simple

Sheets of self-adhesive stamps (Sheets at 50 resp. 100 pieces), 5% discount on face value!

Order Id. Description Extent (Business-Sheets) Net Price in CHF
CHF-0085.BB B-Mail up to 100 Grams 50 x 0.85 =   42.50 40.40
CHF-0100.BB A-Mail up to 100 Grams 50 x 1.00 =   50.00 47.50
CHF-0015.BB Complementary value from B- to A-Mail 100 x 0.15 =   15.00 14.25

All business Sheets contains the same motif of the current editions of the Swiss Post Stamp and are valid for postage unlimited time. All stamps are self-adhesive. Your Post Mail may be done without "licking".

Pick up in our business by cash or delivery against payment in advance (electronic transfer). Order Amount plus postage fee for registered mail CHF 6.50 for order amounts over CHF 100.-, up to CHF 100.- add CHF 2.50 for Priority-Mail. Net Orders over CHF 350.- will be delivered free of charges by registered mail. Delivery only while stamps on stock available. Please consult our terms and conditions.

We also accept orders by e-mail. After we received your order we will send you a confirmation with the inoice. The sale of stamps for franking of Swiss Post is exempt from VAT.

Last Update: 17.10.2016

E-Mail: Philatelie Attias